Our Services

Express Carpet Repairs

Cigarette and Iron Burns

We can fix any and all burns on your carpet.

Pet Damage

Any damage done to your carpet by pets can be repaired whether chewed, scratched or torn.

Moth Damage

Moths eaten away at your carpet, we can fix that.

Irremovable stains

Marking and staining that can’t be removed through cleaning, there’s a way around it.

Carpet Bubbling

Carpet’s creasing and bubbling in certain areas we’ll re-stretch it for you.

Incomplete or Faulty Laying

If your carpet hasn’t been installed properly or has been uninstalled due to renovations or flooding, we’re here to help.

Torn or Missing Threads

If the carpet has been torn or there are clearly missing threads due to pet damage, general wear and tear or any other number of reasons.

Meeting up to New Floors and Doorways

When carpet needs to be met to new floors or doorways due to renovations or coming loose from the edging.