Hello licensees (to be)!

Welcome to this exciting opportunity in the world of carpets! We invite individuals with a passion for home improvement, helping the needs and stresses of customers and an overall drive for success to join our network of skilled professionals. As a licensee, you’ll benefit from our proven business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing support. If this interests you we’d love to have you onboard to join our Express Carpet Repairs family, providing essential carpeting services to people all over Australia.

Licensing Benefits


Licensee Training Is Simplified,
Minimal And Easy


Licensing Opportunities
Are Inexpensive
With Payment Plans Available


Licensees Do Not Need To Attend Support Programmes

How the ECR
licensing works

Let’s jump right in! But first, just some info for all our potential licensees.

Licensee’s Choice

Tailor your marketing approach based on your preferences, investment capacity, and growth aspirations. While you have the freedom to chart your course, rest assured that Express Carpet Repairs stands right behind you. We offer continuous support, stepping in with proven marketing strategies when needed, ensuring you have a toolkit of success at your disposal.

Licensee’s Recognition

Express Carpet Repairs utilises a multitude of pathways to communicate, market, educate and service its offerings to our customers. These methods are provided to Express Carpet Repairs licensees as part of their License Arrangement of best practice, making sure we provide a consistent and reliable service all across Australia.  

Licensee’s Responsibility

Express Carpet Repairs will maintain the personal and unique nature of each independent carpet business in mind. Providing you with your own dedicated section of the website to show off your business. 


If you have any questions that aren’t listed just contact us and let us know.

Licensing allows for more flexibility and freedom of ownership, essentially meaning that independent carpet care businesses can continue to remain truly independent.
Our network of independent carpet specialists work seamlessly to deliver the ideal customer experience. We pride ourselves on the highest service standards for our Brisbane client base, ensuring that our consistency with new licensees is instantaneous and coherent.

As a licensee for Express Carpet Repairs, we offer a lot of advantages for any carpet care specialist. First and foremost, creating a seamless business operation, the backend is all taken care of so you can get straight to working. Also, becoming a licensee gives you the opportunity to generate an excellent revenue stream. Finally, you have the backing of a nationwide, growing brand of carpet repairers, all boosting and propping each other up.

We’ll help as much as needed, whether it be questions or advice about how best to market, quote or anything related to operating the business. We’ll also make sure you have our common practises of service on your tool belt. We can even give you full training for how to repair if you have no experience in the industry.

Every licensee that we assign will have an exclusive area and territory guaranteed, in writing, as part of the deal.

As an Express Carpet Repairs licensee, you’ll get to benefit from the marketing we already do for the brand. You also have the ability to do your own local marketing, utilising our brand strategy.

As a distributor for Express Carpet Repairs, we have our national advertising. We have our website, where we provide links back to our licensees for lead generation. We also have a fully integrated business system in the background to manage the orders and processing of services if needed. We also have an integrated brand strategy which includes stationery, your business cards, logos, which is all part of our process to keep a cohesive licensing network that will be nationally recognised.


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