Frequently Asked Questions about our services and after care.

A few things can bubble up a carpet. If it wasn’t laid properly originally, dragging around a lot of furniture, heavy traffic or if it becomes damaged(dragging something too heavy, water damage, office chair without a mat etc)

After a re-stretch, it should last indefinitely/for the life of the carpet. Although, it can become bubbled up again if a lot of heavy furniture is dragged around, or if some type of damage is done, as mentioned before.

Yes. Patching is one of the best ways to go for any type of carpet damage or irremovable stain.

When a repair is done right it’ll blend right in with the rest of the carpet(besides differences in wear which may need some time) so maintaining a newly repaired carpet just comes down to looking after all the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning, vacuuming, not dragging heavy furniture around, not spilling things and so on.

This can depend on where the furniture is but generally, it’s a lot easier without any furniture. If this isn’t possible there are usually ways of working around it, although it makes the job harder and won’t get as good of a result as having a fully cleared area.

Yes, most times it’s ready to go within 5 minutes of the repair. The longest wait time is about an hour, depending on the type of glue used.

Yes. 2-year warranty or the life of the carpet, whichever comes first. So if the carpet itself is unrepairable due to overwear/age, there’s not much that can be done. But this isn’t very common so generally, 2-year warranty.

This depends on a few things. The age and wear of the carpet, the type of carpet, how dirty it is and the colour.

Most times we get a piece of carpet from a wardrobe for the patch, so it’s generally unworn and looks much newer. So when it’s patched into a worn area it’ll stand out more, although it’ll just need some time and will begin to blend in. The same goes for dirtier carpets, just getting them cleaned will help them blend in.

All different types of carpet are made differently so some will look better than others with patching. Darker carpets usually will hide a patch better than lighter ones.

When everything goes right, you’ll get an invisible patch.

Oftentimes if a carpet has been creased for quite a long time, it’ll still leave a mark even after it’s been stretched. This is similar to if you were to fold a piece of paper and then unfold it, it’s no longer folded up but the mark of where it was will stay.

This will go away with time and plenty of vacuuming of the area. Oftentimes it can also be a build-up of dirt in the area, so a carpet clean will help these marks go away too.

Carpets should be cleaned after a re-stretch. It makes it quite hard for the cleaners to do a good clean with bubbles all through it.

Usually, we’ll need to use a bit of carpet from a wardrobe for the patching, as it can be quite hard, if not impossible, to exactly match the carpet. Then, if the missing carpet in the wardrobe is an issue, we’ll sort out finding something similar. Then replace the whole wardrobe.

Alternatively, if there’s any spare carpet available we can just use that.