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Brisbane Carpet Specialist Discusses Reliability In Customer Service

The reliability concept: Express Carpet Repairs’ oath to customers

An all day and night carpet repair service sounds too good to be true. Fortunately it is, and it’s reliable, professional and fast-paced. Express Carpet Repairs, have built their reliable, quality and professional service over the past three generations. They ensure their carpet repair, maintenance and installation service is available to every Brisbane resident.

Elijah Chique, owner of Express Carpet Repairs and a highly specialised carpet repairer, explores Express Carpet Repairs’ reliability concept and the ultimate promise of top tier service to customers.

“Over three generations of passed down carpet experience, which catapulted Express Carpet Repairs, to become an unsurpassed service in carpet repair and maintenance. Today my team continues to display this excellence in reliability, quality and speedy service by effectively and immediately connecting to customers in need of carpet repair and maintenance assistance,” says Chique.

The team specialises in repairing any form of carpet damage, and can lay new carpets professionally as well. Express Carpet Repairs, have testimonials and visual evidence from their customers to support their claims and promises.

“Through well-crafted compilations of carpet ‘how-to’ videos and carpet repair and maintenance advice, assistance and education, the professional team at Express Carpet Repairs can provide a solution to all carpet problems,” says Chique.

Many carpet companies and installation services only give clients the finished product with no further support and advice. “At Express Carpet Repairs, we ensure that we leave a client with tips on how to clean and maintain their carpet and keep it looking good for years to come,” says Chique. “We have a 24/7 repair service and no job is too small or too difficult for us,” he adds. Our online quoting service is second to none and a very convenient way to communicate with us,” he adds.

“At Express Carpet Repairs we are committed to our customers and offer great customer service. We follow best practices and value our customers’ time. We offer a reliable and quality service and we employ friendly, diligent and skilled staff who understand carpets and can offer customers timely advice and support,” says Chique. At Express Carpet Repairs, we will go to any length to exceed our customers’ expectations, not just meet them,” he adds.

No matter the issue, reacting quickly to carpet problems will prevent them from becoming worse. “If there is a problem with your carpet, call us at Express Carpet Repairs or simply request an instant patch quote, or send us a photo of the carpet related issue and we will be sure to attend to it as soon as possible and leave your carpet looking like new,” says Chique.

Express Carpet Repairs are the go-to experts in all-round carpet fixing. Their professional carpet repairers can repair almost any carpet issue from iron burns to meeting up new floors. They offer customers reliable, professional, quality and timely service.

Express Carpet Repairs runs a 24/7 service in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Next time you need a carpet repairer, think no further than Express Carpet Repairs.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA News

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